The answers to the questions you may (or may not) have cared to ask.

Were you really in high school when you wrote Bubby?

Yes, I was in high school when I wrote Bubby I through Bubby IV. I was a freshman in college when I completed Bubby V.

What led you to want to publish The Complete Bubby Anthology?

I've been wanting to write books for quite some time now. After having a children's picture book rejected by a publisher, I decided I would probably never publish a book. Then a friend of mine, Marsha Megan Stokes, self-published her book, The Order, through Lulu.
As I looked into the print-on-demand model more, I opted to publish through Createspace. Since I had the Bubby stories already written, I decided they would make a good test for me to learn how to format books for print and for digital distribution.

In one of the "interviews" at the end of your book, you state your next book will be about a detective, or least feature a detective. When can we expect to see this?

After careful consideration I determined that I could never compete with the likes of such famous detectives as Sherlock Holmes, Dirk Gently, and the greatest of all the sleuths, Encyclopedia Brown.

So it is that I announce that I will probably never publish a detective story (I say "probably" so that my most loyal fans will hold out hope and build a Wikipedia entry dedicated to my un-named detective story).

So what will be your next story?

I have three children's stories that I would like to publish next. A pair of them are stories I tell my children at bedtime. The other is one I wrote and illustrated back in fourth grade (sadly, my artistic skills have not improved since then, so I'm not sure if redrawing the images now would really improve the story much).

You've been compared to Douglas Adams because your quirky humor styles mesh so well. How do you plead?

Uh, guilty? I have read The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and noted that many would likely draw comparisons between my random humor and that of Douglas Adams. However, I did not read the Guide until the summer of 2012, so I can honestly say that Bubby is all mine.

So, are you really as handsome as your picture suggests?

I guess so.

Why do you imply on your blog that The Complete Bubby Anthology isn't any good? I've read it and found it hilarious!

Low self-esteem, I guess.

I want to buy thousands of copies of your book. Can I do that?

Sure. Just go here and add the book to your "cart" thousands of times.

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