Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Full of Sith

Well that was fast.

On Friday evening I e-mailed my theory about the bonus content for Star Wars: The Clone Wars to the three Star Wars-themed podcasts I listen to: Rebel Force Radio, ForceCast, and Full of Sith. I wasn't expecting much, so I was surprised to hear my e-mail being read when I listened to this week's episode of Full of Sith.

If you're curious, you can listen to Episode XLVIII of Full of Sith for yourself. The discussion of my e-mail begins at 32:10. Admittedly, they shot down my dreams by mentioning the German TV press release that I've chosen not to believe. Also, they didn't mention my book, but I'll forgive them that. Either way, it was fun to hear my name. I figure I'm on my way to being a guest on the show. After all, they mentioned being impressed by how I researched my thoughts, rather than flying of the handle with wild rantings.

Below is the text of the e-mail I sent:

Hey Guys,
I wanted to run a theory by you all about the Clone Wars bonus content to get your input and see if my idea holds any weight. I know most people say there are approximately 3-4 story arcs, or around 12 episodes coming our way. Maybe I'm getting my hopes up, but I think we should be getting a lot more, and this is why:
1) Pablo Hidalgo, when hearing rumors in November that there were 10 episodes coming, tweeted, "That number sounds too low." Additionally, at D23 in August, he said "there's more than you think."
2) Clone Wars cast and crew often talked about working 3 years ahead. As I break it down, that means 3 years out is in writing/pre-production; 2 years out is in production, and 1 year out is completed and on the shelf. This is supported by the Rebels panel at NYCC, where it was said that Rebels would have a much shorter production schedule than The Clone Wars, which operated "approximately one year ahead of what was being aired on television" (see lightsaberrattling.com).
As I see it, the debate should not be about how much of season six we'll get, but rather how much of season seven we'll see on top of the full season six.
Anyway, I'd love to hear this debated on the show. If I'm missing something important that destroys my hopes, please let me know.
Keep up the good work,
B. P. Draper
Author of The Complete Bubby Anthology

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