Friday, July 27, 2012


An astute reader from Hawaii recently observed that, when you search for the term "Nobulescence" in Google, Bubby IV - Return to Nobulescence tops the results page. In fact, it is all of the top 7 results, as Google gives you the option to view the book on Amazon's international pages as well.

I gotta say, that feels good to see... even though Google asks me if I really mean "Noblessence." It just puts a warm feeling in my heart to know that I added a jibberish word to Google's search engine.

When I replied to the reader, he noted that, as a professor at one of the universities in Hawaii, he decided to add the term "Nobulescence" to a recent multiple-choice quiz (I can only assume it was the *correct* answer).

So not only is Nobulescence a Google term, it is now associated with higher learning. In other words, you should buy Bubby IV - Return to Nobulescence today. You just might feel smarter for doing so.

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