Monday, July 30, 2012

Smashwords Countdown

The Complete Bubby Anthology ends its KDP Select run on August 3rd. However, since the individual books were not uploaded to Amazon until a week later, I cannot make the books available on other platforms until after August 10th. However, when that day comes, I plan to have an ePub version available through Smashwords, which will distribute the book through all the other major eBook stores.

So, until then, I've decided to throw a farewell party to KDP Select and offer The Complete Bubby Anthology for free for two additional days.

My promotional efforts will include opportunities for repentance for the eBook promotion sites that ignored the book previously. These include:

Pixel of Ink
Free Books Hub
Bargain eBook Hunter
Ereader News Today (Skipped previously due to not having enough 4.0+ reviews)
Free Kindle Books and Tips (Also skipped previously, for the same reason)

However, I am not giving the various "free stuff" websites another chance. Last time I tried to promote through them, I got zero support from them. If they want to post a link to the freebie, so be it, but I'm not sending out multiple notices to them again.

So join the party this Wednesday. If you didn't get a free copy last month, here is your last chance. If you did get a free copy, then encourage your friends to get one. If you don't have any friends, then join Facebook and poke Mark Zuckerberg.

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