Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Operation Smash Begins... NOW!

What is Operation Smash? Well, there are a few meanings.
1) It refers to the fact that The Complete Bubby Anthology will soon be available through Smashwords.
2) It refers to the hope that we will smash the total number of free downloads from last month's promo.
3) Finally, it refers to your ability to download a copy of the book for free on Amazon, right now (which our British readers might describe at "simply smashing")!

If Amazon is as on top of things as it was last time, the free promotion for The Complete Bubby Anthology should be live. However, I'm asleep right now, so I can't really check it myself. I'll find out in a few hours, at which point I'll update you on the progress, just as I did last time.

Update - Wednesday 7:00 a.m.:

We have yet to be featured on any of the sites I mentioned in Monday's post. However, it is still early and many of them have yet to do their morning posts for the day.

My KDP sales reports is a tad slow today, stating, "There are no sales to report during this period." Nevertheless, copies are being downloaded, as The Complete Bubby Anthology is currently ranked #17,807 Free in the Kindle Store. As well as #3 in Superheroes and #4 in Comedy.

I'll try to update again when the KDP system gets back up and running.

Update - Wednesday 1:00 p.m.:

Well, I suppose this is why other indie authors recommend waiting at least one month before putting your book up for free a second time... we have only 7 downloads so far. That's right, just 7. We were doing much better last time around.

Nevertheless, since the only paid sales for the book have come on the weekends, I don't feel like I'm losing anything by using up the rest of my KDP freebie days today and tomorrow.

In the meantime, I should probably note that 7 sales gets a book up to #11,076 Free in the Kindle Store.

Update - Wednesday 4:00 p.m.:

Here is some interesting math for you. We now have 9 total downloads (yes, I know it looks pathetic). However, with those two "sales," The Complete Bubby Anthology jumped to #5,639 Free in the Kindle Store.

That's right, the book jumped 5,437 spots with just two more downloads. I can only imagine that there are a lot of books with only 8 downloads today. It's sad really, but there it is.

Update - Wednesday 6:00 p.m.:

5 more downloads in the past hour has pushed us to 14 total downloads. This also takes us to #5,006 Free in the Kindle Store.

I was surprised to see five downloads in two hours, when it had taken well over half the day to get just nine. At first I thought we'd finally made one of the promotional lists, but it seems I was mistaken. Perhaps the two five-star reviews of the book were not enough to entice the sites to promote The Complete Bubby Anthology. Oh well, I suppose there is still a possibility of it happening this evening or tomorrow.

Update - Wednesday 8:00 p.m.:

We are now sitting at 18 total downloads. Intriguingly, while two sales caused The Complete Bubby Anthology to jump over 5,000 spots in the rankings just a few hours ago, four sales at the present moment led to falling back to #5,041 Free in the Kindle Store.

Update - Wednesday 11:00 p.m.:

24 total downloads as the day draws to a close. That places us at #3,600 Free in the Kindle Store (such a strangely round number).

Still no love from the eBook promotion sites. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Update - Thursday 8:00 a.m.:

Somehow, overnight, we've practically doubled the number of downloads. There have now been 47 total downloads, placing The Complete Bubby Anthology at #3,010 Free in Kindle Store.

Still no help from the eBook promotion sites, so I guess there are just a lot of late night shoppers in the world.

Update - Thursday 12:00 p.m.:

It's high noon - do you know where your favorite epic novel is? Well, assuming that your favorite epic novel-ish item is The Complete Bubby Anthology, then you might want to know that there have now been 54 total downloads, placing it at #2,263 Free in the Kindle Store.

Update - Thursday 4:00 p.m.:

There are presently 70 total downloads, bringing us to #2,143 Free in the Kindle Store.

If we can get to 100 downloads at the end of this promotion, I suppose I'll consider it a success - especially with a lack of promotional consideration.

Update - Thursday 9:00 p.m.:

With 83 total downloads, The Complete Bubby Anthology has reached #2,003 Free in the Kindle Store.

100 downloads is still achievable, depending on how the night goes.

Update - Friday 6:00 a.m.:

So the promotion ends with 89 total downloads. Not quite 100, but still a decent promotion. For now, we fall back to #473,514 Paid in the Kindle Store.

In the mean time, you may be wondering what to do with yourself now that the coolest book around is no longer free. Well, you could either pay for a copy in paperback. Or, if you're still looking for free stuff, order yourself a free sample of Jelly-Kids. Enjoy!

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