Saturday, August 4, 2012

$5.99... Are You Out of Your Mind?

There has been debate for some time among indie authors as to what price point is the best for selling eBooks. Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, did some analysis and noted that authors receive the greatest profit from book sold between $2.99 and $5.99. (as seen on slide 58 of the embedded slideshow below:

He also noted (on slide 61) that most books do not sell well (The Complete Bubby Anthology being part of that category).

Since I have nothing to lose, I figured I would try a weekend or two at the $5.99 price point, rather than $3.99. Likewise, the individual tales are now listed at $1.99 rather than $0.99.

If the experiment fails, then so be it. As I said, I've got nothing to lose.

Of course, those of you actually reading this blog are probably wondering why I'm screwing you over. Well, as a reward to you, I can give you a 99.9% guarantee that the prices will revert. The 0.1% gives me an out in case I sell a ridiculous number of copies at $5.99. Since I don't believe that will actually happen, I can pretty much guarantee that the $3.99 price point will return shortly.

One thing I can promise is that all the original price points will be available when I publish on Smashwords next week. If Amazon's bots are doing their job, they'll recognize the cheaper price and adjust Amazon's price accordingly (though it might be another week or so before they do).

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